WELCOME to the Home of LIVE Video Streaming

We make FULLY expandable, ruggedized, mobile desktop PCs optimized
for LIVE, real-time video streaming to the World Wide Web. Packaged with
19" or 20" LCD displays (single or dual), these mobile desktop PCs are
designed to fit inside standard airline carry-on luggage.

All our products are configured-to-order to meet your exact needs
NAB 2006 Special
At the NAB 2006, which starts from April 23, 2006 at the Convention Center in Las
Vegas, Nevada , we will offer the special show pricing to our entire high-end mobile
desktop PC family included with either single or dual LCD displays. This special offer
will expire on June 1, 2006.
We also present the MVS-20, our latest mobile PC platform optimized for wireless,
real-time, LIVE video streaming to the Internet supporting both Standard Definition
and High-Definition digital video content as well as 3D graphics animation.
Production shipment for this product is available now .
Key product features

  • Optimized for LIVE streaming of SD and HD video as well as 3D animation
  • Based on Microsoft WIndows Media 9 (VC-1) video encoding standard
  • Optional hardware encoder for real-time streaming

  • Fully expandable Top-Of-The-Line desktop PC
  • Single or Dual Samsung LCD displays with 19" or 20" in size
  • Fits in standard airline carry-on luggage
  • Ruggedized for heavy mobile applications
Very Good
Very Bad
Very Good
Very Bad
Real-time Streaming
Reliability (RAID)
Disk Space (max)
2,000 GB
100 GB
2,000 GB
Dual 20" LCDs
TOP-10 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Desktop PC For LIVE Video Streaming:

10.  You love the mobility of your laptop but it can not do LIVE video streaming
9.    You could use a powerful desktop but it is too heavy to move around
8.    You want the ability to expand the system as your need increases
7.    You want to broadcast LIVE video for others to view at the best quality possible
6.    You don't have time to learn everything about video streaming
5.    You want Microsoft Windows Media video format for the widest audience to view
4.    You want the option to stream both video and 3D graphics animation
3.    You need real-time video performance at 30 fps and SD/HD resolution
2.    You have a limited budget and need to save money

1.    You require a ruggedized portable system that can withstand your abuses

Mobile Desktop Solutions, Inc.
System Configuration

Dual Core Pentium D CPU 3.2GHz
Intel 945PVS motherboard
3 full-height PCI slots
2 full-height PCI-Express 1X slots
2 GB DDR2 533 memory
Dual 19" Samsung LCD displays
900 GB hard disks
16X DVD Burner
3.5" Removable hard disk
Matrox Parhevia APVe 128MB
6 USB 2.0 ports
2 Firewire ports (IEEE 1394)
Wi-Fi 802.11g PCI card
Wireless keyboard & mouse
Base System Demo
Computing Power On The Move